Comic book vs. graphic novel

Both genres use words and images, and both feature a prominent narrative. So where does the comic book end and the graphic novel begin? The world of Polish comics is rather hermetic, although the form itself is sometimes inspiring. Polish science not only deals with comics as a phenomenon of popular culture, to mention the publications of Jerzy Szylak (a literary scholar and comics scriptwriter) or Matylda Sęk-Iwanek, but it itself becomes a carrier of scientific content.

How to write a script for a comic book?

The script for a comic book is like a canvass, like an architectural design, on the basis of which the contractor-drawer will give it the final shape. However, this shape, before it takes on a real dimension, is born much earlier in the head of the comic screenwriter

The script in comics – its importance

Comics seem to be a casual form, typical of pop culture. It is served attractively, because in pictures, which makes it seem to win with the visual layer rather than the content. There is a bit of a point in this - issues in a comic should be concise and contain the maximum meaning, which brings to mind poetry, especially short haiku.

Collaboration with a comic book writer

Comic book duos consisting of a screenwriter and an artist have been known for a long time, to mention the creator of the famous "American Splendor", Harvey Pakar, and cartoonist Robert Crumb. Accidentally, in the case of this pair, cooperation with a comic screenwriter turned out to be something special - the fact that Crumb lived not far from Pekar, the men met, and Pekar could observe his neighbor's work made him try his hand at comics in the first place. Pekar created scripts, Crumb, author of the famous adult comic strip about Fritz the cat, transferred them to paper.

Who is a comic book screenwriter?

When the phrase "comic book scriptwriter" is uttered, the average bread eater usually thinks of the classics of the genre, such as the creator of "Asterix and Obelix" René Goscinny or our native fathers of comics: the late Papcio Chmiel, or more precisely Henryk Jerzy Chmielewski, or Janusz Christa.

What does a good comic script contain?

A good comic script is a rather fluid concept. Because what does "good" mean? For everyone it will probably mean something different - it is known, how many people, so many tastes. However, trying to look at the issue objectively, a good comic script will be characterized primarily by two features. First, it will present an engaging story, and second, it will be technically written in such a way that the reader will have no doubt what it is about and who is who.