Comic, representative of B literature? Fighting the myth.

Although comics have been with us for a long time, they are rarely the subject of academic debate among literary scholars. This is because for years comics have had an unflattering reputation as a representative of B-grade literature.

Illustrator and scriptwriter – how to create a harmonious duo?

An illustrator and a cartoonist are usually two artistic souls and therefore two individualities. Can these two elements be reconciled in order to co-create a work of popular culture?

The evolution of comics – what is the modern comic?

Although it might seem that the development of comics - for various reasons - is going its own way, in fact this important element of pop culture for years, like all popular literature, is a sensitive observer of the changing world.

How to create comic book characters?

Just creating a character is not at all an easy matter for a comic screenwriter, let alone creating one that deserves unforgettable status! Whether it becomes such depends, of course, on many factors, but also on how the creator approaches the creation of characters at the stage of constructing the comic script.

Autobiography in comics

Is comics the right medium to present autobiography? Well, perhaps less typical, but as good and appropriate as any other. And, in addition, visually attractive enough to have a chance to attract the interest of even those who are not fans of the typical written word.

What is the importance of the style of a comic book illustrator?

Answering the question in the title until one wants to shout: huge! This is one of those elements that create the character of a story and its atmosphere. The best script, but made with a technique that does not reflect the atmosphere of the story, simply will not defend itself.

Where to look for script inspiration?

Ideas for comic scripts can hide really anywhere. Don't be afraid to open your head and look for them even in the most unexpected places. There are times when you have the time, you have the ability, yes, you even have the desire, and you don't have an idea. If such creative stagnation happens to you too, don't worry - it's completely normal. However, from my experience as a comic book scriptwriter, I'll give you some ideas on where to look for inspiration in moments of outflow of inspiration.

Is plagiarism the plague of Polish comics?

To what extent are Asterix and Obelix an inspiration for Kajko and Kokosz? Is it possible to plagiarize oneself? When does inspiration end and copying begin? The problem of plagiarism is faced by various fields of creativity, so there is no way that comics can also remain free of it. Especially since in comics two fields of art meet: literature and painting, so the risk of plagiarism directly proportionally increases.

Will artificial intelligence replace screenwriters?

Since the GPT chatbot went into full swing, there has been no shortage of claims that it will replace more professions. Copywriters were rumored to be the first to go. But what about creators? Can comic scriptwriters be send packing?